Saturday, October 31, 2015

Zeus, Roxanne, and Yogi

Wow! There are images on the flat screen. I had always wondered why Stephen and Kathy would stare at that rectangle at night. But last night, the screen barked. I turned around and I could see a dog, his name is Zeus.

I think I like movies. The scene with the chimpanzee is awesome. The guy playing the mean owner must be an animal trainer or that chimp would have sent him flying.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Sumner Parks and Rec Class

School! I have school on Tuesday and also on Saturday, (today). I don't think I should have to go to school on Saturday. Anyway, today we worked on walking without a lead and then they would tell me to come and then half way there, they would tell me to halt. They did it again and again. Guess they can't make up their minds. Anyway, they have great treats.

Friday, October 23, 2015

PeeMail from Nash

Hey Yogi,

I heard about the manure, what a score. I went to visit the Herriot pack yesterday. It was a nice day. I agree with you, rain for for Western Washington dogs. Mist, Rudy, and Runtie had some good puppy play time. We all enjoyed picking on Rudy.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

A lovely autumn day

The colors are starting to turn here in the rainy part of Washington, but the sun came out today. Stephen and Kathy wanted to take pictures of the fall colors. They took the FJ so I rode in the back to see where we had been. When we stopped, Stephen opened the door. Oh the smell! The incredible smell. They sprinkled manure around all the plants decorating the parking lot, (and making great portals to check my PeeMail). I looked straight back, then to the right then to the left while Stephen unhooked my seat belt. And then I did it, for the first time I jumped out of the back of the truck. I jumped as far as I could into the manure. I got four full bites in before Stephen realized what happened.

Then we walked up to my outdoor table at Ristorante Al Lago. Kathy looked up and asked, "What is that smell?" Stephen and I just smiled.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

PeeMail from Runtie of the Herriotts Pack


Since you are older and more experienced, we have a question for you.  Our Pack Mom’s (Rebecca and Christine) are going to Nashville!  They have been training with us – why can’t we go too?


Subject: Eggs for St Jude's Children's Research Hospital

Last year Rebecca decided to run in the wounded warrior 8k in Norfolk. She raised $3300.00 in donations (including $800 from her 4h goat), she was the highest individual fund raiser, and came in first place in her age group. 
This year she has set her sights on St Jude's half marathon in Nashville.

As part of her fund raising she will take donations for farm fresh eggs from her chickens. 100% of your donation goes to St Jude's as we are covering her expenses.

If you would like to make an order please contact me, (Yogi) by commenting on this post or send email to Tracy.Herriotts AT If you pay by check, please make it out to St Jude's. 

Thank you! 

PeeMail from Biscuit, the Chinook Winery Dog

Dear Yogi,

I wanted in introduce myself. I met Kathy and Stephen last month. Kathy petted me for a long time and Stephen played fetch. I like fetch, my favorite fetch toy is my purple pig. I also enjoy meeting people at the winery, sleeping and chewing.