Thursday, October 22, 2015

A lovely autumn day

The colors are starting to turn here in the rainy part of Washington, but the sun came out today. Stephen and Kathy wanted to take pictures of the fall colors. They took the FJ so I rode in the back to see where we had been. When we stopped, Stephen opened the door. Oh the smell! The incredible smell. They sprinkled manure around all the plants decorating the parking lot, (and making great portals to check my PeeMail). I looked straight back, then to the right then to the left while Stephen unhooked my seat belt. And then I did it, for the first time I jumped out of the back of the truck. I jumped as far as I could into the manure. I got four full bites in before Stephen realized what happened.

Then we walked up to my outdoor table at Ristorante Al Lago. Kathy looked up and asked, "What is that smell?" Stephen and I just smiled.

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