Saturday, February 27, 2016

PeeMail from Yogi to Harry and Keely

Dear Harry n’ Keely, 

Stephen took me up to the dog park after breakfast, and I romped with two of my buddies.  My Doberman friend has a funny sounding name that means “memory of God”.  She is more advanced in training than just about any other dog in the park.  She holds a stay command while her favorite ball is thrown behind her.  She sits and downs on voice command from 20 yards away. Her mom says her family has been training Dobies for 60 years.  Stephen and Kathy aspire to the same level from me, but sometimes I have puppy surges and forget Stephen’s name, Kathy’s name, my name, or any of my commands.  Nonetheless, I am enjoying my childhood and am, as I write from my iBone, in a 30 minute down-stay command.

Stephen and Kathy waited until after the dog park to give me a warm water bath in the sunshine, just like they do at Hidden Lake. I snuggle with Kathy and make sure she gets as wet as I do. I’m not so wild about the cold water hose baths, so, they fill a big cooler with warm+ water and pour it over my fur by the pitcher full.  That’s kinda nice.  Then I get combed out a bunch of times to dislodge the puppy fuzz that hides underneath my big boy fur. As soon as they were done I bolted down the stairs to roll in the dirt and sand under the stairs, but alas, I was on lead. Momma wasn’t having any of that.  

The long stay command isn’t so bad.  I get a treat every five minutes or so, and get to write you until I’m done staying.  Maybe I’ll get an uber treat when I’m all done:  ice cubes! They are the best. Auntie Diane gives them to me, too. She said she loves to hear me crunch them. 

Kathy told Stephen she laid out my dog toy box, treats, food, supplements, and training collar on the bench downstairs.  I wish I knew where that was; I’d have tip toed down there to eat it all already. 
I am up to date on all my vaccinations, and have already had my Heartworm chew toy for February.  I go to the veterinarian across from Mark’s Place in the Puhi industrial center.  After I get snuggled by my vet, (she has two 160lb Great Danes), I get to sit at the outdoor table at Mark’s Place and hope beyond hope that Stephen or Kathy will drop something they’re eating. 

If I have a puppy surge and manage to wriggle out of my collar, I am AKC registered and part of the AKC Reunite program.  
AKC’s ibone # is:  800-252-7894.
I am also "micro-chipped”, whatever that means.  Humans run a Star Trek like gizmo over my neck every now and then to read my number.

Don’t tell anyone I told  you this, but I’m not so sure about going down those back stairs at night to go shi-shi. Stephen and Kathy leave the stair lights on at night for me. Kathy just turned those back on for me even though it’s day time. I can go back up just fine, but when I look down and see the ground under the stairs, I pause.

Kathy has her hands all in my mouth because she says it’s her “prerogative”, whatever that means.  She wants to teach me to have a gentle mouth, but good grief, I am a cattle herding, cart pulling working dog breed.  I am getting much better at being gentle with my teeth, but for now, only kisses. Sigh.

My bedtime mat is up on the back lanai, but when I figure out the parents have left the house for the night I may want to come to the downstairs lanai, so Kathy is bringing mat #2 down there for me.  I don’t understand why they would ever go away for a night. Kathy says I can vocalize like a Siamese cat when I am lamenting, but whatever is going on, I know I am at home, with my pack.  So all is well. 

Yogi F. Von Kinghaus

PS:  Stephen and Kathy are going to a memorial service on Oahu for a dear friend and colleague.  They’re packing their SANS badges.  Seems kinda silly to me.  I wear all my badges on my collar, but hey, they’re humans.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

PeeMail from Sadie, wild chickens are great toys


I hear that you did the prey thing on chickens today. Good boy you are coming along. Tell me all about it.

Sadie - retired bird dog

= = = 

Kathy was deep down in editing a document for our friend and former co-worker’s memorial when I saw the chickens.  She heard the ruckus out back and chuckled that I was clearing the chickens out of our gardens.  She heard one persistent chicken’s voice, but she was just down to the final edit and preparing to hit the “attach" button when the fracas out back got to be too much.  Those chickens really do raise a ruckus!

The good news, I think, is, the chicken survived, although there are feathers all over the blithering back yard.  The chicken got away, and I obeyed the “ LEAVE IT” command when Kathy came and got me.  

To be truthful, I think I was grateful for the command. I was he was a bit bewildered; my head was tilted as in asking a question. I just wanted to play with the chicken, but they seem to be more fragile than the dogs in the Wailua Homesteads Big Dog park.  

Kathy told me in no uncertain terms that I could not enter our house with feathers in my mouth and I dropped them. Stephen then dealt with calming down a very spun up puppy, (me), while Keely and Kathy watched the chicken.  

Kathy wrote my breeder, James from King Rottweilers. She read her note to Stephen. This is what I heard:  "People have been commenting on Yogi’s speed and agility at the dog park of late.  He can’t out run any given dog with flat out speed, (though he can with most of them), but he out maneuvers them on a regular basis. He doesn’t have the bursty speed of a whippet, but he has endurance.  This puppy can run, and pivot, and think on the fly.  So, I guess Momma shouldn’t be surprised he cornered a chicken this morning. People say dogs don’t speak English, but they do understand on a different level, and my mantra to Yogi is “ You are gentle, you are noble; you are kind.”

I loved hearing Keely’s story about Yogi hanging out with Sienna while she drew with chalk on the back lanai.  Yogi laid down next to her and when she moved to a new spot, he did, too.
Rottweilers are so sweet with children.  They just want to hang out with their pack, be a part of everything.  It’s just hilarious to me that Sienna scolded him about tasting her chalk.  A Rottie puppy will taste just about anything, so, thank-you, Sienna.

After the chicken incident, Yogi played with his teddy bear, and us, and was back to his usual happy-go-lucky puppy self."

So, Sadie, I think all is well with the world. Yours, Yogi.

As I write, I have Yogi in the longest down STAY command I’ve ever exacted from him, and he’s eager to comply.

When out back, Yogi now sits at the top of the stairs, ever vigilant to protect the backyard from chickens. Yup, I’d say the gardens are safe. : )


Saturday, February 20, 2016

Haku, Mokihana, Sherman and Kawai

Last Monday it rained, so no Wailua Homesteads dog park. Stephen played ball with me on the back lanai, but I was going crazy. Thursday it was dry enough to go to the park and I got to play with Buster. He is a nice pit and knows how to play bow, run and nip and tussle.

After we got home, Stephen and Kathy tried to Walk Close with me and I lost it. Social isolation for Yogi, bummer.

Friday, Stephen and Kathy took me up and I got to play with Mokihana and Sherman, they were both good playmates and we did lots of running.

Just as we were leaving, Peanut and Clyde showed up so we stayed a while for me to play with my pals.

Today started out really well, Stephen took me up right after breakfast, (all meat and an egg, yum) and there was a young 7 month old pit there, Haku. We ran, and nipped, and tusseled, he has great stamina, maybe the best playmate yet at the park.

Eventually we were tired, but then Kawai showed up at the Wailua Homesteads Small Dog Park. He is a fence runner and then some. That little buggah is actually faster than me. Woah da kine! When we got home Kathy said I looked really happy. I am going to take a nap while Stephen and Kathy go swimming.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A couple days run at the Wailua Homesteads dog park

I couldn't go to the dog park yesterday. It was raining and the wind was blowing and Stephen and Kathy were willing to drive there. I hope I get to go today. I took the rainy downtime to update my dog blog using my iBone. Here are some pictures, hope you enjoy.

Pepe runs the fence with me

Neva watches Kahu and me wrestle

Fence running with Bernard and Duke

Friday, February 12, 2016

Winston, Soley, Niko

Yesterday was a big day at the Wailua Homesteads Large Dog park. I never know which of my buddies I am going to see. Zander showed up and I think Niko and I overwhelmed him. Niko is a bit aggressive sometimes.  Had a good run dogs run session with Winston the whippet. He is fun.

Friday, February 5, 2016

PeeMail from Granpa, (Rambo)

My breeder James McKee asked my grandfather to use his iBone to send me some PeeMail.

Hey Yogi, how is growing up? Sniff any good dogs lately? James wants to know how you are doing with your training. If you get some time, please drop me a note. Rambo.

Dear Rambo,

I have worked with several trainers in WA state with great success.  The alpha trainer is Jim Grasely, who works for the Parks and Rec in Sumne..  He is our pack's go to guy and has taught me to do things with Stephen and Kathy that I’ve never ever seen done in any Petco class, such as coordinating the behavior of 30 dogs to manage their humans in one classroom.

Jim is a Renaissance man trainer who covers a wide range of training up through the CGC testing, which I will do with Stephen and Kathy upon our return to Washington in June. I started nose training before we left for Kauai. Stephen or Kathy put food in toys with a secret door and  your grandson, Yogi, aced all of the introductory exercises. I don’t know that he has a dog training website, but here’s his Facebook link:

Jim has a bevy of large dogs in his classes:  Brutus, a 130lb Rottweiler, Emma, the 100 lb sister, several Mastiffs, a Great Dane, and several Rhodesian Ridgebacks.  We always work on the three D’s:  distance, duration and distraction, (Stephen gets distracted a lot).  I seem to be smitten with female Mastiffs. Kathy likes to say, "Mastiffs are Yogi’s Kryptonite", bol, (that means barking out loud in Internet slang).

The joy of being in a semi-retired pack is we have the luxury of training Stephen and Kathy as part and parcel of our daily lives.

I don't think I will be as large as anyone might have expected, but I feel good about my body image. I still have adolescent energy surges, so they work on calming me down again. Every once in a while I go too far and have to endure social isolation.

I am keeping a blog of my training, socialization, exposure to new experiences and environments, such as being on the island of Kauai. Someone told me that journaling is a good discipline.

I have interacted with roughly 300 dogs in training and play situations and more humans, that is more than I can count on all four paws.  I love catching balls, have incredible reflexes, and the humans at the Wailua Homesteads dog park where we go daily say I have uncanny eye to snout coordination. What's uncanny, where did that word come from? We’ve been with about 50 other dogs in  retrieving situations and I'm consistently in about the top 1, 2 or 3.  I got the gift of good speed just like you grandpa.  I can’t top a whippet, but by the fifth or sixth ball, they are out of gas and I out run them on endurance.  I am lean and fit. Sometimes people, even vets, say I am too lean. Bless them, bless them, bless them, do you hear that Stephen and Kathy. I'm a starving weiler.

I can interact with the big boys at the dog park, but mostly runs to catch balls. Ever since I came to my forever home, I am been around dogs that are bigger than me. I am only starting to be the big dog; I kind of like it. Sometimes other dogs try to boss me around. Stephen, who used to practice martial arts is trying to teach me how to not back down, while not getting in a fight, it is called Dogido and I am getting it. I have earned my green collar at this point. I enclosed a picture of Mahina, Cruiser and I rumble tumbling.

I only have a few tussle mates, one is an eight month old upstart who’s fearless, and we play like puppies. I have taught Stephen and Kathy to use the give it and get it command with ball play.  We save drop it! as a safety command to protect him from ingesting something dangerous like a Poinsettia.  Stephen and Kathy are not as smart as I am, but they have been on the earth considerably longer, do you realize Stephen is over 400 years old?

I have a huge food drive. I honestly believe I could eat a 40lb bag of kibbles in a single sitting.  Stephen has added lean meat to my diet as we’ve been told I need to develop more muscle. This week the best priced meat at Safeway was New York Strip; not bad.  I play Find it for for my NuVet supplement, and Bone and Joint supplement.  I like Find it, Kathy still makes the places obvious. They hide fish oil in my daily hard boiled egg.

Well, I gotta go. We have dinner parties every Friday night. I help Stephen in the kitchen with things like cleaning up when he drops something on the floor and dishwashing. You take care. Y.

Fence running with Duke and Bernard

Koa would be proud of me. I got the fence running game going where the fence separates big dogs and little dogs. I stood by the fence and gave them my intent look. Eventually they got it. Duke and Bernard were good runners. I also got to steal the ball from Sydney the dobie some. And I played some ball with Stephen.

When we got home we Walked Close. Time for my nap.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Kolu and if you get this message please rescue me

Yesterday we went to the dog park. All my friends were there so we didn't play much ball, mostly run dogs run. That is Mahina on the left and Kolu in the middle. They are both fun to play with. Then we went to the beach for the sunset and I actually walked in the water. Maybe the ocean isn't that bad after all.

Today, Shireen came and she petted me. Then Stephen, Kathy and I went to the dog park, I was alone and I wasn't that interested in playing ball and looking back that was probably my undoing. Stephen just tried to walk me and I lost it. I saw Lincoln and wanted to play with him and pulled Stephen half way into the street. Then on the way back, almost all the way to Uncle Gary's house I had a puppy surge. I was leaping and trying to bite my lead. Stephen Dominance Downed me and I ate grass. Stephen didn't put me in the crate in garage bay 3, but he will not speak to me and made me spend 15 minutes, (3.5 years in puppy subjective time), alone on the mid-deck. I don't think I am going to get NY Strip as a midnight snack tonight.

I heard Harry come home, I know the sound of his truck, but none of the doors opened for me. Somebody please open a door for me. Also, I heard Stephen call PETCO. What is a prong collar?

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


At the dog park today I met Mahina, a 7 month old pitt. She knows how to play bow and run around. We had a lot of fun. She left and Stephen and I played some serious ball. That is my Chuckit! and orange ball on the blue bench.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Feeling better, Maybe, Lotti, Walk Close

Sunday Stephen timed the trip to the Wailua Homesteads Dog Park pretty poorly. We went up and got rained on. I played some ball, but I wasn't feeling good. Somewhere around 4 PM, I lost my kibbles. I think it is the VOG. Monday morning I was still out of it. I was able to eat a bit of New York Strip steak, but no kibbles. Then, exactly at 3:26 in the afternoon, I snapped out of it, full on puppy surge! Why walk when you can run - at full speed. I played tug with Stephen and after a bit he said two words, "Dog park". Kathy was feeling VOGGED, (I know exactly how she feels), so we had a boys day out. When we first got there I saw a new dog, a golden named Maybe. She knew the play protocol, so we took turns bowing, prancing and running around. Sadly she has developed joint problems and far too soon, she was limping and had to go home.

I played ball with Stephen for a while, but really wanted some canine companionship. There were small dogs in their park, so I came over to the fence. One of them, Lotti, knows how to play the run the fence game so we did that for a while. He is so quick his ears blow back in the wind.

When we got home I rested a bit while Stephen rode his trike. Then he took me out to Walk Close. I did a good job and when we got to some think bushes he Released me and I sniffed.