Monday, February 1, 2016

Feeling better, Maybe, Lotti, Walk Close

Sunday Stephen timed the trip to the Wailua Homesteads Dog Park pretty poorly. We went up and got rained on. I played some ball, but I wasn't feeling good. Somewhere around 4 PM, I lost my kibbles. I think it is the VOG. Monday morning I was still out of it. I was able to eat a bit of New York Strip steak, but no kibbles. Then, exactly at 3:26 in the afternoon, I snapped out of it, full on puppy surge! Why walk when you can run - at full speed. I played tug with Stephen and after a bit he said two words, "Dog park". Kathy was feeling VOGGED, (I know exactly how she feels), so we had a boys day out. When we first got there I saw a new dog, a golden named Maybe. She knew the play protocol, so we took turns bowing, prancing and running around. Sadly she has developed joint problems and far too soon, she was limping and had to go home.

I played ball with Stephen for a while, but really wanted some canine companionship. There were small dogs in their park, so I came over to the fence. One of them, Lotti, knows how to play the run the fence game so we did that for a while. He is so quick his ears blow back in the wind.

When we got home I rested a bit while Stephen rode his trike. Then he took me out to Walk Close. I did a good job and when we got to some think bushes he Released me and I sniffed.

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