Monday, June 27, 2016

Summertime in Seattle

Today the temperature reached 92 degrees Fahrenheit or about 33 Celsius. What is a Rottweiler to do? We can't sweat so how can we handle the heat. Easy! Jump in the lake, so Kathy and I did. She had me practice retrieving my ball. I don't really like putting my head in the water, but I do like holding my ball in my mouth. Life is a tradeoff.

Later for Hound Around Town we went to the Al Lago patio. Tiare brought be a big bowl of water with ice cubes, yumm.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Wading in Lake Tapps

Friday, the pack decided to declare Pau Hana and we went to the Banker's Spit dog part. After we Played Ball, I cooled off in Lake Tapps, Kathy sat on the shore and Stephen played with his iBone.

Viking park and Hound Around Town

The weather was fantastic today and no self respecting dog would stay inside. So we loaded up the mobile crate and headed to Viking Park. I saw Kyle and Casy; Kyle and Kathy talked while Casy and I romped. She is a pretty skilled ball dog. I told her a little about the Wailua Homesteads Large Dog park and she told me what she has been up to; she likes to hike.

After a good round of ball we got back in the mobile crate and headed for a shopping center to work. We did Hound Around Town from Good Will, past Hungry Dawgs to the Safeway and back. We went into Pet Pro and Kathy and I walked up and down every aisle, (they have some really interesting stuff at dog level). Stephen bought me a Kong and Kong biscuits and when I got off work he gave it to me.

Monday, June 13, 2016

The Virtually Indestructible Ball

Stephen and Kathy were at some video on Snoutbook. Looked fun so I picked up my iBone and ordered one. It got here today, gosh, I lick Amadog Prime.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Banker's Spit Dog Park - Hound Around Sumner - McLenden's

I had a good day. First we went to the Banker's Spit Dog Park. To get in I had to show my membership card. I met Lola there. She was OK until she went postal.

We all walked away and sat by Lake Tapps. I drank from the lake and walked around.

Then we got in the truck and drove to Sumner. I have been there since before Thanksgiving. We parked by Fred Meyer and walked through town.

We passed the tire store.

Then we walked back and took the truck to McLenden's. I was working so I could not accept a dog treat at checkout. But it was still a nice day.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Whoa what a rush

This morning the pack got up real early.  Stephen and I Walked Close around the block. I smelled K13, but Stephen wouldn't let me get close.

Then they put me in my crate and we drove to the airport in Lihue, I had hoped I was going to Bark Bark Backyard, but they turned into the airport. I remember it, this is where I started my Hawaiian vacation. Inside of the airport, I was a good Hound Around Town and sat patiently while they did all my paperwork.

Then I had to get back in my crate and they put me on a cart and took me away from Stephen and Kathy.  I remember a guy writing on a small piece of paper. After that it got dark for a while and the next thing I knew, I was back in my forever home.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Mini and Jim, Jack and Joane

Mini, Rhodesian Ridgeback, brought Jim to the Wailua Homesteads Large Dog Park today. She loves to run, so we chased each other all. Jack, the Australian Shepard is feeling better and he played some too.

When we got home, Stephen rested for a bit and then we walked through town.

La'a Kea

Yesterday, I got to meet La'a Kea at the Wailua Homesteads Large Dog park.

I also did a Hound Around Town walk with Stephen. I jumped up on the counter and Na Na's Hula Skirt decoration came down, so Stephen parked me on the sign while he put it back.

Stephen is doing much better in Hound Around Town walks.