Thursday, December 31, 2015

Sizer at the Wailua Homesteads Dog Park - Neva oh noooo

Today is New Years Eve. What is New Years? I understand us canines are about to get seven of them. What's seven? Stephen and Kathy wanted me to run, run, run, in case the fireworks were loud. I met Sizer, he is not really a ball dog, but he knows how to play the play bow and run game. His mom is Francine Henry.

The fireworks were quiet down at the beach, but really loud up in Wailua. Neva got scared and ran away from Skip's house. But it all turned out OK. Somebody found her and she ended up at the Kauai Humane Society. It took her a few days to shake it off, but she is back to herself again.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

kilauea Dog Park

The Kilauea dog park is private. It has lots of great toys. That is me leaping.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

I love my kibble bank

Stephen got me a new toy. A kibble bank. It looks like a yellow pig and has a little door on the bottom. It is pretty thick plastic; I could chew it, heck one day I will chew it, but it is kind of nice to have a treat dispenser. First I have to open the door. Then I have to roll the pig over again and again until all the kibbles fall out. It is kind of fun, but I have to wonder; why not just give me the kibbles?

Friday, December 25, 2015

PeeMail from the Herriot pack - Merry Christmas

I was reading my PeeMail on my iBone and got this note:

Hey Yogi, the humans all woke up this morning and charged after all the shapes they have been hiding under that tree they brought in the house. 

I haven't been able to get near the tree, let alone mark it or hide a bone under it. 

I wish you were here to see them tear through them. They made a big mess on the floor during a frenzy of laughing and screaming. 

How come when we make a mess they don't cheer like that?

Sunday, December 20, 2015

My pack loves me and they vote

Today we met Donna and her whippet at the Wailua Dog Park, (dude is fast). She told Stephen about the inception of the dog park and its ongoing challenges. She stressed the need for more people to get involved.

I gave Stephen my "intent" look and he made a donation for the dog poop bags on the spot. Nice to know that look works for more than just ice cubes.

Donna said all the packs are meeting in January to be better organized and there will be a fund raiser. She has a bumper sticker on her car that says, "I have a dog and I vote". What is a vote? Is it a kind of chew toy? She has been working with Lenny Rapozo from the County Parks and Recreation.

She asked Stephen if he would get bumper stickers that say I have a dog and I vote. He said he would. On the way back from the park, Stephen told Kathy about it and Kathy said she has a Vista Print account, so we all went over to Stephen's study and designed one. They ordered 100.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Coconuts are the best chew toys!

I love chewing on whole coconuts. The best part is when you tear off enough of the fiber, there is a hard shell with coconut water and meat inside. I get several every week, but it is an outside chew toy only.

Koa is my dog park friend - Runtie sweater

I like Koa. He is usually there at the Wailua Dog Park if we go after Stephen is finished working. The dog park is actually two parks, one for small dogs, one for dogs over 30 lbs with a fence between them. Koa will sit on his side of the fence till a little dog comes up and then we run up and down the fence line. I like to run right next to Koa. It feels good to run in a pack.

Just checked my PeeMail on my iBone. Got a note from Runtie. He has his Christmas sweater? Why don't I have a Christmas sweater? Looks like it would be hot here on Kauai, maybe I don't want one. What is Christmas?

Thursday, December 10, 2015

I love Kauai

I love Kauai. Yes it rains here and I do not like rain like any other Spokanian, but it is a warm rain. Yeah, like a "dry heat". Last night was a bit much though. I sleep on the Makai side lanai and just got pelted again and again. Kathy finally came and got me and I slept inside. Mo' better.

Am still adjusting to the sounds and smells, it is different, very different. Not very interested in the ocean yet, but like those little crabs and digging in the sand. Digging is great!

I Love the other family in our duplex, they are dog people, it is on a street named KeAloha, I heard that word in a song Stephen was playing. Love the dog park. I had a few reservations since the primary large dog breed on island is Pitt Bull; they are everywhere and some are nice, some are scary. However, I am holding my own. Next week I will be eleven months old. I am learning not to just go up to dogs I don't know and jump on them like I did as a nine month old. There is a protocol to follow.

We try to go to the park every day, may skip today though, bunch of rain bands have come through. Stephen has a pair of shoes dedicated to the park, but so much mud. We play with the chuckit tennis ball launcher and I retrieve balls over and over. I like grounders the best, maybe I can be a shortstop when I grow up.

Stephen and Kathy have a dinner party every Friday so I get to meet lots of wonderful people. On the 18th they are going to have a big party and Dexter is going to come over.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Geronimo, freedom, and Peemail from Chip

OK, it is official. I like Kauai even though it rains here. Most days we go to the Wailua dog park. So far, Koa, a 2 year old pitt bull, is my best friend. We run and run and run. Koa's pack was afraid to put him in the park since I am a rottweiler, but Kathy talked to them. They help run the Puka Dog store in Koloa. What is a Puka Dog?

Stephen has started calling me Geronimo. I didn't want to leave the dog park, but they put me in my crate in the truck and drove off. I crashed through the door of the crate and jumped out of the truck while it was driving. I couldn't get back in the park though. I still had my lead on and some lady corralled me. Stephen and Kathy came back five minutes later. Now they tie the crate shut, but maybe if I can open the door, I can bite through the rope.

Today, I escaped out the front door without my lead. Oh, precious freedom! I ignored Stephen's recall, but when Shireen called me I could not resist and came back, I like her.

I was catching up on my PeeMail with my iBone. Here is a note about Chip from the Herriot pack.
= = =
Chip and I are being good inside while the boarder collies are being bad outside!  Chip is a shrimp even though he's 8 years older than me. But he is still the boss cause he was pack dog 1 and I was 7. Mist and Runtie made 9! They are "Cra-zy" and pick on me all the time.