Thursday, December 10, 2015

I love Kauai

I love Kauai. Yes it rains here and I do not like rain like any other Spokanian, but it is a warm rain. Yeah, like a "dry heat". Last night was a bit much though. I sleep on the Makai side lanai and just got pelted again and again. Kathy finally came and got me and I slept inside. Mo' better.

Am still adjusting to the sounds and smells, it is different, very different. Not very interested in the ocean yet, but like those little crabs and digging in the sand. Digging is great!

I Love the other family in our duplex, they are dog people, it is on a street named KeAloha, I heard that word in a song Stephen was playing. Love the dog park. I had a few reservations since the primary large dog breed on island is Pitt Bull; they are everywhere and some are nice, some are scary. However, I am holding my own. Next week I will be eleven months old. I am learning not to just go up to dogs I don't know and jump on them like I did as a nine month old. There is a protocol to follow.

We try to go to the park every day, may skip today though, bunch of rain bands have come through. Stephen has a pair of shoes dedicated to the park, but so much mud. We play with the chuckit tennis ball launcher and I retrieve balls over and over. I like grounders the best, maybe I can be a shortstop when I grow up.

Stephen and Kathy have a dinner party every Friday so I get to meet lots of wonderful people. On the 18th they are going to have a big party and Dexter is going to come over.

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