Friday, December 4, 2015

Geronimo, freedom, and Peemail from Chip

OK, it is official. I like Kauai even though it rains here. Most days we go to the Wailua dog park. So far, Koa, a 2 year old pitt bull, is my best friend. We run and run and run. Koa's pack was afraid to put him in the park since I am a rottweiler, but Kathy talked to them. They help run the Puka Dog store in Koloa. What is a Puka Dog?

Stephen has started calling me Geronimo. I didn't want to leave the dog park, but they put me in my crate in the truck and drove off. I crashed through the door of the crate and jumped out of the truck while it was driving. I couldn't get back in the park though. I still had my lead on and some lady corralled me. Stephen and Kathy came back five minutes later. Now they tie the crate shut, but maybe if I can open the door, I can bite through the rope.

Today, I escaped out the front door without my lead. Oh, precious freedom! I ignored Stephen's recall, but when Shireen called me I could not resist and came back, I like her.

I was catching up on my PeeMail with my iBone. Here is a note about Chip from the Herriot pack.
= = =
Chip and I are being good inside while the boarder collies are being bad outside!  Chip is a shrimp even though he's 8 years older than me. But he is still the boss cause he was pack dog 1 and I was 7. Mist and Runtie made 9! They are "Cra-zy" and pick on me all the time.

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