Saturday, February 20, 2016

Haku, Mokihana, Sherman and Kawai

Last Monday it rained, so no Wailua Homesteads dog park. Stephen played ball with me on the back lanai, but I was going crazy. Thursday it was dry enough to go to the park and I got to play with Buster. He is a nice pit and knows how to play bow, run and nip and tussle.

After we got home, Stephen and Kathy tried to Walk Close with me and I lost it. Social isolation for Yogi, bummer.

Friday, Stephen and Kathy took me up and I got to play with Mokihana and Sherman, they were both good playmates and we did lots of running.

Just as we were leaving, Peanut and Clyde showed up so we stayed a while for me to play with my pals.

Today started out really well, Stephen took me up right after breakfast, (all meat and an egg, yum) and there was a young 7 month old pit there, Haku. We ran, and nipped, and tusseled, he has great stamina, maybe the best playmate yet at the park.

Eventually we were tired, but then Kawai showed up at the Wailua Homesteads Small Dog Park. He is a fence runner and then some. That little buggah is actually faster than me. Woah da kine! When we got home Kathy said I looked really happy. I am going to take a nap while Stephen and Kathy go swimming.

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