Thursday, February 25, 2016

PeeMail from Sadie, wild chickens are great toys


I hear that you did the prey thing on chickens today. Good boy you are coming along. Tell me all about it.

Sadie - retired bird dog

= = = 

Kathy was deep down in editing a document for our friend and former co-worker’s memorial when I saw the chickens.  She heard the ruckus out back and chuckled that I was clearing the chickens out of our gardens.  She heard one persistent chicken’s voice, but she was just down to the final edit and preparing to hit the “attach" button when the fracas out back got to be too much.  Those chickens really do raise a ruckus!

The good news, I think, is, the chicken survived, although there are feathers all over the blithering back yard.  The chicken got away, and I obeyed the “ LEAVE IT” command when Kathy came and got me.  

To be truthful, I think I was grateful for the command. I was he was a bit bewildered; my head was tilted as in asking a question. I just wanted to play with the chicken, but they seem to be more fragile than the dogs in the Wailua Homesteads Big Dog park.  

Kathy told me in no uncertain terms that I could not enter our house with feathers in my mouth and I dropped them. Stephen then dealt with calming down a very spun up puppy, (me), while Keely and Kathy watched the chicken.  

Kathy wrote my breeder, James from King Rottweilers. She read her note to Stephen. This is what I heard:  "People have been commenting on Yogi’s speed and agility at the dog park of late.  He can’t out run any given dog with flat out speed, (though he can with most of them), but he out maneuvers them on a regular basis. He doesn’t have the bursty speed of a whippet, but he has endurance.  This puppy can run, and pivot, and think on the fly.  So, I guess Momma shouldn’t be surprised he cornered a chicken this morning. People say dogs don’t speak English, but they do understand on a different level, and my mantra to Yogi is “ You are gentle, you are noble; you are kind.”

I loved hearing Keely’s story about Yogi hanging out with Sienna while she drew with chalk on the back lanai.  Yogi laid down next to her and when she moved to a new spot, he did, too.
Rottweilers are so sweet with children.  They just want to hang out with their pack, be a part of everything.  It’s just hilarious to me that Sienna scolded him about tasting her chalk.  A Rottie puppy will taste just about anything, so, thank-you, Sienna.

After the chicken incident, Yogi played with his teddy bear, and us, and was back to his usual happy-go-lucky puppy self."

So, Sadie, I think all is well with the world. Yours, Yogi.

As I write, I have Yogi in the longest down STAY command I’ve ever exacted from him, and he’s eager to comply.

When out back, Yogi now sits at the top of the stairs, ever vigilant to protect the backyard from chickens. Yup, I’d say the gardens are safe. : )


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