Thursday, February 4, 2016

Kolu and if you get this message please rescue me

Yesterday we went to the dog park. All my friends were there so we didn't play much ball, mostly run dogs run. That is Mahina on the left and Kolu in the middle. They are both fun to play with. Then we went to the beach for the sunset and I actually walked in the water. Maybe the ocean isn't that bad after all.

Today, Shireen came and she petted me. Then Stephen, Kathy and I went to the dog park, I was alone and I wasn't that interested in playing ball and looking back that was probably my undoing. Stephen just tried to walk me and I lost it. I saw Lincoln and wanted to play with him and pulled Stephen half way into the street. Then on the way back, almost all the way to Uncle Gary's house I had a puppy surge. I was leaping and trying to bite my lead. Stephen Dominance Downed me and I ate grass. Stephen didn't put me in the crate in garage bay 3, but he will not speak to me and made me spend 15 minutes, (3.5 years in puppy subjective time), alone on the mid-deck. I don't think I am going to get NY Strip as a midnight snack tonight.

I heard Harry come home, I know the sound of his truck, but none of the doors opened for me. Somebody please open a door for me. Also, I heard Stephen call PETCO. What is a prong collar?

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