Saturday, January 30, 2016

Saturday at the Park

Yesterday, I got to meet Sydney. She is a Doberman and one very serious ball dog. I think she likes ball even more than I do.

After, the dog park and a bit of a rest, Stephen loaded me up to go to Lihue. Stephen and Kathy were participating in Calvary Chapel Lihue's soup kitchen. Kathy stayed with me and I rested on my mat. I didn't really like it. But when we got home, there was a little of Stephen's ham and very cheesy potatoes and I got to finish it.

A lot of my friends showed up today. Clyde is getting better at ball. Peanut barked. Neva came over for a run. Kenzo doesn't get ball just yet. He was perfectly white when he arrived at the park, but got some red dirt in his fur. I ran a lot, mostly playing ball, but we also did some run dogs run. We were there for more than an hour.

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