Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Walked Close and then I lost it

Durn it, I got put out back again. Things started out well. Stephen and I Walked Close all the way to Otsuka's and back again. Sometimes near some bushes or trees he would Release me so I could smell.  I was pretty sure I was going to get a Good Dog treat.

Then we got home. Stephen asked Kathy to hold the lead while he got rid of the poopy bag. I lost it. I saw Kathy had been putting cardboard boxes in the back of the truck instead of my kennel. That means we are not going to the dog park. What is up with that? So right there in the driveway I went nuts, I nipped at Stephen's feet to herd him to the dog park. I tried to eat my lead. Stephen used his stern voice and put me down. I was trying to calm down I really was, but I couldn't. Stephen put me in the back yard and I went nuts again. He put me down, took off my training collar and the lead and left me. It got dark, I was alone. Social isolation.

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