Thursday, January 14, 2016

Walk Close and Happy Birthday

Today my time at the Wailua Homesteads dog park was cut short because a mean pitt showed up. I held my own each time he attacked me, in fact I honestly think I can take him. But Stephen says nobody wins a dog fight, I will have to think about that. Stephen got back early from his bike ride and took me on a walk so I could look at and smell things. He used the special lead that connects to my corrective collar and has a backup connection to my harness. I was a good walker and Walked Close. I didn't even jump up at anyone else on the path. When we got to the turnaround point he Released me and let me smell things.

Then Kathy and Stephen told me Happy Birthday. They fed me meat, and smoked salmon and rice pilaf; I like Happy Birthday; can we do it again tomorrow? What's tomorrow?

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