Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Dog park, Walk Close, Kina's 75th birthday party

Kathy is teaching a Gideon Bible Study in Lihue Tuesday nights and she tend to leave early. So Stephen took me to the Wailua Homesteads Large Dog Park early. However we were not alone. Tom and Jennifer had their pack. Old friends. So we sniffed and ran and then I focused on the ball. I am a ball dog.

We were at the dog park for an hour and I was running out of gas. Stephen is kind and he keeps them in close after a while, but it still takes energy.

We left and surprise, Stephen did not immeaditately take me for a Walk Close; he let me rest. After I got puppy like again he put me on the training collar. We Walked Close and I got a "good dog" and a treat. Then he let me rest again.

An hour later he hooked up my collar and we went to Uncle Kina's house for his 75th birthday. (What is a birthday). Besides Coco, there was food under the table and lots of people. Not everyone liked me; I understand that.

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