Saturday, January 23, 2016

Oh my, I think I blew it really bad this time

Our pack went to the beach. I got to sniff the sand and put things in my mouth. We watched the full moon rise. That is a handy thing, a dog could hunt at night with the extra light. Then Cynthia Bloom came by, and Stephen and Kathy invited her to the back deck for a picnic.

On the way back I had a full on puppy surge. Stephen just kept walking me and I jumped around and bit my lead. Stephen put me down and told me to calm down. I couldn't. Finally he dragged me home, I was still leaping and going nuts and I heard something I have never heard before. "Kathy, please open garage bay 3". That is where my crate is. Are we going to the dog park tonight? Sadly, no.

Stephen put me in my crate and shut the garage door. He didn't say a word to me. Social Isolation. After he walked Cynthia home, he let me out, but they put me out back and dropped the hurricane shutter. Social Isolation. I seriously doubt I am getting breakfast in the morning. Hope I do not starve.

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