Sunday, January 17, 2016

A pleasant Sunday

Stephen and Kathy did not go to the 8:00 service today, so Stephen drank his coffee with me and then they left for the 10:30 service, (psst guys it is a 10:00 service, don't you have an iBone?). After church they met a Sloughi and came home with Moka's scent on them. I want to meet Moka.

Then we went to the Wailua Homesteads Dog Park. I had the park all to myself for almost an hour and we played ball. Then two different packs showed up, first Tom and Jennifer, Peanut and Clyde, then Skip and Neva. We all had lots of fun.

When we got home, Stephen took me out to Walk Close and when I put a foreign object in my mouth, I listed when Stephen said Drop It. I was a good boy.

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