Saturday, January 16, 2016

Well at least it was interesting!

Stephen and Kathy were getting ready to take me to the path that goes along the sea. Then a kid on a motor powered skateboard came by. I escaped from Kathy, (she is a bit sore about the leash burns on her arm). The kid saw me barking at him and tried to escape so I ran after him. Stephen told the kid to please stop, he did, I did, Stephen got the lead.

Then he held me by the beach cart and two guys and a nice lady came by. The guys were not interested in me, but she asked to meet me. I was sort of good. She seems to know a lot about dogs, her name is Holly Humble. Then Kathy came with my special lead and training collar and they talked. I couldn't understand everything they were saying, but it seemed to be about me.

Then we walked to the beach. Stephen set up the chairs and they had candied sweet potatoes and didn't even offer me some. What is up with that? Then Uncle Gary came up out of the ocean with his wetsuit and spear and two taco, (octopus). He was very scary looking so I barked at him.

Next a Monk Seal swam by, so I barked and barked. Kathy pulled me away and, I admit it, I lost control, so she downed me for 18 minutes while Stephen reported the seal haul-out. On the way home, I didn't Walk Close very well. Does this mean I am not going to get special treats tonight? I am working on my best smile. . .

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