Monday, January 18, 2016

Zander at the Wailua Homesteads Dog Park

We went to the dog park a little later than normal, Stephen was hoping to socialize me to more dogs. As we got there Koa was just leaving and we got to sniff and I stole Koa's ball. Then Stephen I played ball. We changed between a tennis ball and the Chuckit! whistler ball.

A truck drove up. I was hoping it was a large dog. Sure enough, a new dog came. His name was Zander and he had only been with the Lundgren pack three days.

We sniffed and played tussle. After a while, Stephen picked up the ball. Zander did not get it the first time, but then he started to chase the ball and Stephen gave him a few of his own. He is one of those "humpy" dogs which is mildly annoying. Then two balls got close together and he wanted one and I snarled. OK, now I have to be on lead and leave the park, (Don't tell Stephen, but I was getting winded anyway),

We drove home and Stephen got his hat so we could Walk Close. Before we started a stranger walked by that looked like he didn't belong. I barked, but only once. I did good. Then we Walked Close. I didn't lunge at any bikes or people. As we approached the harbor two policemen came. There have been more strangers lately. We just kept Walking Closely. When we turned on our street the boy with the motor powered skateboard came by. We Halted. I Sat. I watched him closely, but didn't bark. Then we Walked Close and came home. Stephen told Kathy I was a Good Boy and I got a treat.

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