Thursday, August 6, 2015

The new normal

Stephen is on medicine to try to save his smelly toe. We have to give it to him every six hours, 6, 12, 6, 12 which means we do not get as much sleep as we would like so we take naps. I wold love to write more, but yawn .....

James De Rienzo suggested Stephen should play Chet Atkins performs "Hawaiian Wedding Song"


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  2. Our adopted kitten had to be quarantined for six weeks in our guest bedroom. Pandora is now a healthy 2 year old cat with only the slightest hint of lost hair behind the ears. We also adopted a beautiful American Eskimo Dog a few years ago when she was six years old. We were able to cure the colitis with proper diet and her fear of men with loving care. She was a snow dog, but twice I had to carry her home when the snow got between her paws. She was the best companion. On one of our walks I found an expensive DSL camera. Turns out the owner was a local artist and a landscaper for our dog sitter. Those pictures in the camera were priceless to him. In gratitude for returning the camera, he painted us a portrait of Rosie for free.

    1. James, If you are willing, take a picture of the portrait and we can add it to the post. But no pressure.