Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Farrelli's in Sumner

Stephen and Kathy had been out all day and were hungry. I was hungry too of course, but wanted to do some people watching, so we decided to eat out. We asked Farrelli's about their outdoor tables and they said actually the tables were Sumner's, but if we wanted to order out, we could certainly eat there.

Kathy ordered a gluten free veggie pizza, Stephen ordered a medium "James Favorite" with non-dairy cheese, I had kibbles. Ferrelli's was very helpful, they brought the drinks club soda for Kathy, ice tea for Stephen and water for me.  Lots of people walked by, some petted me, some steered clear. I tried the old upside down, paws up, routine for a little five year old girl in a pink dress. She petted me and told Kathy she liked me. I liked her too.

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