Friday, September 11, 2015

Social Butterfly

I know I am supposed to become a service dog; but I am a puppy. I feel I must jump up on people. Stephen laughs, he remembers another precocious puppy named HD, that he invited for a web cast and it didn't work out. Years later HD said he regretted it, but he didn't even have his drivers license yet. That's odd, I have had my license for months? Must be a human thing.

Anyway, Stephen and Kathy are trying to socialize me. They bring my mat and tell me to go to my mat, And when people come, they try to keep me from jumping up. Don't they know how much fun, heck, it isn't even just fun, puppies are born to jump. Tonight we tried to go to the Auburn Art Walk, but they moved it and there was no parking an Stephen is limited in his walking right now.

Instead we went to Zola's. They are puppy friendly on the outside tables. Kathy had the Quinoa salad, Stephen had a Turkey sandwich, I had Kibbles.

Next we went to Urban Timber, Kathy had a glass of hard cider, Stephen went shopping at WinCo to make something healthy for Men's Prayer Breakfast, (poor Stephen, he just doesn't get it, all the men have to eat healthy the other 29 days of the month). Some kids came over and I practiced being social. Right now the big focus is on licking instead of touching with teeth. Shucks, all that work on a gentle mouth down the drain.

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