Tuesday, March 29, 2016

PeeMail from Kool Dawg Tees

I got this PeeMail, this Dave guy says he met Stephen and Kathy in Belize . . . where is Belize?

Hey Yogi,

I met Stephen and Kathy in Belize on one of the outer Cayes, (pronounced keys). He said you are a dog with a blog and I happen to be in the Dawg accessory business. Why don't you pick up your iBone and take a look, the URL is: http://www.kooldawgtees.com/ please let me know what you think. Dave.


  1. Woof Woof ^..^ I get it now Yogi! You are the Dog with a blog Stephen and Kathy told me about. Thank you for letting them know about Dave's email. Dave is still on South Water Caye, Belize I'm not sure where it's at either? But I think you are on to something with the black nylon bag thing, same thing in my pack. This can't be coincidence it may even be a conspiracy of some sort that occurs just before all or part of my pack go missing too? We need to put out a plea to other dogs to see if it's common occurrence. Hey by the way pal, I'll let you in on a secret. Check out some of our really kool doggles. http://www.kooldawgtees.com/doggles-eye-protection.html
    The females at the dog park really dig them, (dig, get it. Just woofing), any way it works for me. I really don't need any embellishments or fashion accessories I think I'm really handsome for a 120 lb Yellow lab.The females go crazy when I show up at the dog park anyway. Oh it's so hard to be humble.

    Nice to have had the opportunity to blog with you Yogi, Hope to write again. Wishing Stephen and Kathy show up soon I know you miss them.
    Best of bones to you Yogi,
    Bukwhet. (pronounced Buckwheat), Humans go figure!

  2. Hey Yogi, Bucwhet here again. When Stephen and Kathy return ask if there is a way I can add a video, jpeg link or a hyperlink to your blog with code?

    Thanks buddy, got to go find a pole or tree quickly .

    Regards Bucwhet

  3. URL for Bucwhet photo sporting doggles dog goggles