Friday, April 1, 2016

Stephen and Kathy are back and they smell funny

I was just starting to fall into a routine. I would wake up when I heard Harry leave, but it was too early for me to get up, so I went back to bed. I would go downstairs to visit Keely in the morning. She would let me in and I would do my standard Rottweiler perimeter check and go back outside. Soon, there was breakfast. Then Keely would leave for work. I would keep an eye on the place till they got back. Soon, there was supper, never soon enough of course. Usually I would take them for a walk either in the morning or evening or both and sometimes Harry and I would go to the dog park.

Then tonight, I had already settled down on the lanai downstairs and I heard footsteps upstairs. Stephen and Kathy were back! Where did they go? Someplace I have never been, there were smells I did not recognize, but at least it wasn't another dog.

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