Tuesday, April 19, 2016

In the mornings I like to sit on my porch

Tuesday, I sat out on my deck. The sun feels good on my fur.

In the afternoon we went to the Wailua Homesteads Large Dog Park. It has been over two months since I have played with Waikoa, she has really grown.

When we got home Stephen and practiced Walk Close. He is starting to get the hang of it. That night we watched a movie.

 Today we went to the dog park and I met a new dog, Cody. She is older and not so playful. Her companion calls her Snickerdoodle or just doodle. When they left both dog parks were empty. Kathy produced some treats and we worked on Sit, Down, Wait, Come and Halt from a distance. I like training in new places. When we got home Stephen and I practiced Walk Close. He was happy with me and put a treat in my Piggy Bank. Now I am in the office catching up on my PeeMail and looking at pictures of my friends on my iBone.

Cody called Snickerdoodle

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