Saturday, April 9, 2016

Diet and dog parks

I guess I have a bit of a finiky stomach. My stools are runnier than most of the other dogs at the dog park. I had missed going to the park for a few days because of the rain - I hate rain, Tayeon understands.  We went yesterday and I got to catch up with my buddies.

Stephen says I do best - so far - on the Costco Puppy food, (chicken, rice, vegetable). But after we visited the South shore dog park we went to Petco and I picked out a low glycemic, no grain, chicken and chick peas.

Then we had a picnic lunch at Ahukini. Stephen had a Pastrami sandwich, Kathy had stuff from the olive bar and I had kibbles.

Then I took a nap while they went swimming. I figured two adventures for the day was it, but Stephen loaded up the truck with my crate and we went to the Wailua Dog Park as well; Koa was the only dog there, but we played Chuckit! for a while.

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