Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Petco Puppy II Graduation

None of us pups in class were able to come to our class this Saturday, so Nikki, our trainer, rescheduled us for Tuesday. I did great on the Down Stay, struggled a bit with the 30 second Sit Stay and the 10 second Stand Stay but we got er done. The hardest was the come with distractions. They had me switch to another handler and she was giving me treats.

I think I might have heard Kathy calling me, but all I could think about were the treats. I finally heard Stephen. We talked about this as a pack. Should I take treats from other people? I feel the answer is of course I should. Kathy pointed out this is something dognappers do, lure puppies with treats. Stephen pointed out poison treats are sometimes used to disable protection dogs. But I said I am not going to be a protection dog.

Anyway, we will figure it out and in the meantime, call me the graduate, (and that, one day before I turned five months old)! I will miss Lucy and Halle.

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