Monday, June 29, 2015

Yogi's Resume

Yogi F. Von Kinghaus
Born January 14, 2015

Completed classes and certifications:

Petco Puppy I May 2, 2015
AKC Star Puppy May 9, 2015
Petco Puppy II June 16, 2015
Sumner Park and Recs Beginner Dog Class June 20, 2015

In home training:
Average 1.5 hours per day

Commands and hand signals:
Look, or Mira, finger points at eye
Sit, palm up
Down, palm down
Stand, start with sit hand signal then pull hand away in a fist
Wait, hand slashes like an inverse karate chop
Wait till the human crosses the threshold, then OK
Wait for food or a treat
Wait, Come
Wait, Look Left, Look Right when crossing a street, (this is only ten percent successful at present)
Look Left or Look Right, (this is still sketchy)
Touch Yellow, Touch Blue, Touch Grey, ( should have taught nose yellow, but it is too late now
 Leave It, Come, Fetch, Stay, Find It, Find Heel, Settle, Good Boy, Yes, Right and Left.

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