Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Alpha and Omega Dog Training + big day

Wow. I am a big puppy now, but I have limits to what I can process. Stephen, Kathy and I left the house at one thirty to meet with Garrett at Alpha and Omega dog training.  As usual Stephen and Kathy were lost. However they managed to connect with Garrett by phone and get there.

This session we met at a shopping center with a Petpros.  If you can ever spend forty five minutes in a Petpro I highly recommend the investment. The employees are very supportive and I got to meet other pets and pet owners. Very cool.

After that, we went to Bradley Lake Park in Puyallup. There are some cool birds there, but when I came up to meet them they went into the lake. I am not ready to swim yet so they went away.

On the home we went to Brants BBQ. They have outside tables and I am supposed to be working on meeting people. Several wonderful humans met with me. That was fun. Wednesday is all you can eat at Branks, but neither Stephen or Kathy would feed me any people food. But Stephen rubbed my kibbles in his hands after eating the chicken. UMMMM, those were some good kibbles.

When we got home, Stephen, the leader of the pack,  found a box on the porch. It was dried Porcini mushrooms. What are mushrooms? Anyway, he gave me one of them. I didn't know what to do with it, so it was a thirty minute chewtoy. Maybe Stephen will let me taste his wild boar and porcini mushroom recipe from Italy.

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