Friday, May 29, 2015

Initiative and the Herriotts Pack

Kathy here. Yogi is 19 weeks old. He has his own outdoor chair, (we got him a plastic chase lounge because Stephen thinks he will tip over our plastic Adirondack style chairs in another 20 pounds). We were all sitting out last night watching the evening fall and Yogi suddenly got up, went over to his potty area, relieved himself, returned and jumped back on his chair. This morning he self initiated Fetch by bringing me the toy to throw.

Yogi wanted me to tell you he got some PeeMail from Nash of the Herriotts pack. Nash said, "I've been enjoying your blog. Some in our pack here are sad because the puppies turn eight weeks old Thursday and for the most part will be joining new packs as they go to their forever homes. I am going to miss those little motor scooters."

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