Friday, May 15, 2015

Windmill Gardens

Today we took the moving crate to Bonney Lake Petco. Stephen and Kathy could not find my flea comb and wanted to get my nails done. Then we went to Brank's BBQ. Kathy had the loaded potato skin, Stephen had the chicken, I had kibbles. Next we went to McLendon Hardware, Kathy wanted some more French Marigolds, (tagetes), to manage the bugs in the garden. I like McLendon, they always give me treats.

I could take care of the bugs for her, but I am still not a trusted puppy in the garden. Our last stop was Windmill Gardens so Stephen could get a huckleberry. While we were there Kathy sat on a bench with a man that looked just like a plant. I sat next to her on the ground.

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