Saturday, May 9, 2015

Sumner Parks/Rec Dog Obedience, Jim Grasley

After Puppy II and my Star Puppy exam we got in the mobile crate and headed to Sumner. I got to meet my teacher, Jim Grasley and his packmate Baxter. He is a really interesting man, a bit like Stephen actually, only he is not a long haired breed like Stephen.

This class is called Dog Obedience Training. To be honest I was afraid I would be bored, Sit, Stand, Down; whopee,  but there are some really cool dogs in the class. Stephen let me borrow his iPhone chewtoy and I managed to get a few pictures. There was a hot little lady Rottweiler across the classroom from me. We didn't get to Sniff in Real Life today, but I did sneak a picture of her. She is eight months old and her pack is pretty large. Stella is an English Mastiff. She is possibly the most striking canine in the class. We didn't get to Sniff either.

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