Monday, May 18, 2015

Play date with Moncrief

Monty here from Pastor Tim's pack. My pack agreed that I could go visit Stephen and Kathy's pack today. Yogi and I are both the only canines in our pack, so it is good to spend time with each other and restore our dognity.

We romped and sniffed and romped and sniffed, then got still for four seconds and romped and sniffed. The we lathered, rinsed and repeated and repeated and repeated.

Then we went to the park. For some reason we traveled separately, I walked with Stephen. He is really bossy. He said, "I own the street and you need my permission to go on the street", whatever, I am an easy going lab so he can enjoy his power trip.

The park was nice, it was a pretty day, we met a 15 month Newfoundland and a cute white boxer named Ellie that was so well behaved. We are learning to meet dogs together as a pack would. Stephen broke out his long line and we did Fetch and Come.

We traveled back to the Northcutt lair. I impressed Stephen with my ability to keep a loose lead and not switch sides, (I guess I did not do so good on the way to the park). When we were all reunited we romped and sniffed some more till Stephen said Settle and put on a dog lullaby.

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