Friday, May 1, 2015

My second big boy walk and Look Port, Look Starboard

We went to the park again without having to use the mobile crate to get there. I practiced keeping a slack lead, well most of the time; I think I was born to pull. And the whole pack practiced Wait, Look Both Ways, before crossing the street. It was not as exciting as yesterday because I already knew some of the smells.

I managed to score two extra treats by taking a leak before and after the walk right after Stephen said, "Go Potty". I just shrugged my shoulders, you would think Stephen would want stay outside with me, it was a beautiful day, but he wanted to get back to his MacPro chewtoy.

When Stephen and Kathy finished lunch, dog oh dog those codfish burgers smelled great, Kathy called Garrett Stevens, a dog trainer back. He told her that with smart dogs, you have to be careful doing the same old tricks. I recognized some of them from the list, Sit, Stay, Down, Stand, and Come, but is Roll Over and Shake? I guess I will find out.

Stephen said he was glad we could introduce some new material and at the end of our training session he had me sit and he stood beside me and we did the Look command. But then he had me Look Left and then Look Right. Kathy gently reminded him the pack had agreed to introduce this as Look Port and Look Starboard.

Then I was tired lay down on my mat. Stephen put on some music for me from The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain. The first song, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly started off a bit slow, but then they really rocked Born To Be Domesticated.

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