Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Girls Run the World and other songs

I just can't get Ellie, the two year old boxer, out of my mind. I met her at a park yesterday, now whenever I fall asleep, I dream about her. I guess it really is true, girls do run the world. Do you think it is the real thing or could it just be puppy love? These things are complicated when you are just 17 weeks old.

Stephen, can you buy me a new song for my ibark collection? Sure thing Yogster, this week exceptional Stays are fungible, if you can Down Stay the length of the song Hold On, I will get you a song. What are you looking for Yogi?

A puppy song Stephen.

Hmmm. Here is a Daft Leopard song by Pentatonix that always makes me think of puppies. And here is a recommendation from our puppy Hunter on Snoutbook. Here is what he said:

Out of respect, I didn't want to post this on your wall, but in the evening, when your day is over and things have calmed down and you're just relaxing and already have a glass of wine or a beer out, listen to this cover of Sultans of Swing.  This man kills the guitar...  And I thought you might appreciate some good quality rock and roll.  : )  Love you

Spin one more for me Stephen. It is about time for you to Crate Yogi, let's pick a calm one.

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