Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sunday - Why is Mother's Day Happy?

Today started out normal, we got up at 6 AM as usual. Well actually the alarm goes off at 5:55, but my pack lets me out the door to my potty at 6. Then we had quiet time. But, I could tell, I am 16 weeks old, you can't pull anything over me anymore, I could tell they were getting ready to go. I wonder where? Oh, there is Stephen with his Bible chewtoy protector.

Sure enough, they put me in the crate and left. Hours passed, maybe days or weeks. Finally they came home. I was so pleased, I did not have a crate mishap. Stephen took me outside to go potty. Then we went upstairs. Stephen tethered me to a dining room chair. I don't mind that, I can pull the chair anywhere. Then Stephen cooked lunch. I love it when Stephen cooks. He is the fastest operator in a kitchen short of Bill Kertsos, and puts almost as much food on the floor. I could score my entire lunch floor surfing. Then I lay down on my matt while they ate. The lunch was standard enough, Salmon, I have Salmon treats so I know that smell and some other kibbles as well. Then dessert. Sniff, sniff, sniff, it is that forbidden food. I don't know what chocolate is but it smells great and Stephen never screws up when he is working with chocolate and loses it to the floor. I watch him; I know. He slows down, he pushes the cutting board further away from the edge. I did manage to capture a piece of pineapple.

Then Stephen took me to my outside potty and of all things, he put me back in my crate. What the heck? It was something about Mother's day. What about Mother's day means I have to be back in my crate? I heard the roar of the Mustang GT, they went somewhere without me. That can't be fun. I bet they were miserable.

Hours passed, maybe days or weeks. Then they came back. Stephen grabbed is Go Dog Pack. I know what that means, an adventure. They did not use the mobile crate, so this is probably one of the private parks. On they way there, I met, Lizzie.

We got to the park and alternated between training and sniffing. Training is very important for a pack. As a canine I have to learn the different ways to train humans to give me a treat. I gave up on trying to teach humans how to sniff a long time ago. Then I met her, Josie, a golden lab. We romped and played and tusseled, what fun! She even growled once or twice, I tried to keep a straight face. Seriously, a golden lab growling? Anyway, she was as much fun as my Petco Puppy II classmate Halle. Her packmates seemed pretty cool, I saw Stephen and Kathy talking to Josh.


  1. Sorry my name is Lizzie and I am deaf, it was fun and exciting meeting you 🐶

  2. @Brent, I hope I have the correction right. The demo dog, Baxter, in the Sumner Parks and Rec class is deaf as well. Jim does it all with body language.