Sunday, May 3, 2015

Banana Slugs at Wildwood Park

It was another beautiful day and the pack wanted to go outside. We decided to use the mobile crate and went to Wildwood Park in Puyallup. They have a waterfall that is a lot smaller than Victor Falls, the only other waterfall I have seen.

On the way there we listened to Taimane Gardner, a half Samoan, half Haole, ukulele player from Oahu. Her Toccatto by Bach was really good, but I liked Tico Tico the best. She has more of a South American flair than the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain. Speaking of South America, have you ever heard the four paw version of Tico Tico? Here is another one.

When we got to Wildwood Park, we walked along a path in the forest. I am starting to know some of the forest smells, but here was a new one. It came from a shiny ribbon on the trail and I followed the ribbon till I saw this guy. Banana slugs process leaves, puppy poop and moss, and dead plant material, they digest this food and then put fertilizer on the forest floor.

Puppies, ducks and geese sometimes eat banana slugs; we roll the slugs in soil to get rid of the slime.  Cornmeal works even better, but it is easier for a puppy to get dirt than cornmeal. Even though we saw two, Stephen wouldn't let me eat them. Yogi, have a kibble instead, as Crocodile Dundee would say, "Not bad eating, but they always give me gas."

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