Wednesday, May 6, 2015

My 16th week old birthday and Fetch

Today I turn 16 weeks old. Lucy and Halle were both 16 weeks old when we started Petco Puppygarten 1 and now all three of us have graduated.

I had a visit from Chris from Manners Unleashed yesterday. Mostly Kathy asked Chris questions, but she helped me with fetch. Then I slept on it and today I've got it. It is a fun game. There are two designated fetch toys, one is a Chuckit Blue and Grey Flying Squirrel and the other is a Yellow NERF Football Launcher. Stephen and Kathy do not leave those toys on the floor, (if it is on the floor it's mine), when we are done playing fetch. I like running after them when Kathy or Stephen throws them, but I have to be careful on the slippery floor. I have already run into the wall a couple times.

After I Fetched nine times in a row, Stephen played the Fetch song, (it's very catchy), but it is puppy music. Now that I am 16 weeks old, I want a big boy Fetch song

Kathy was a bit concerned I might learn some of the colorful language, (does that mean yellow or blue?), but Stephen said, "Kathy, Yogi only knows 16 words of English: Look, Sit, Down, Stand, Wait, Leave It, Come, Fetch, Stay, Find It, Find Heel, Settle, Good Boy, Yes, Right and Left. Besides, I let him stream it from DogTube, but I didn't buy it for his iBark player. And it is an obscure enough song that I seriously doubt he can find it using the Doogle Canine to English translator.

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