Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Stagecoach Yogi

Hmmmm. Now that I am getting bigger less people want to pet me. They used to line up to meet me.  Now sometimes in Home Depot or Lowes I see them move away from me. Some people still want to meet me, but they all say they have or have had dogs. Stephen, do I need to try to change, do I need to try harder? Stephen just smiled and played me a Nightcore song called Try.

Stephen and Kathy noticed the Dickie's BBQ in Puyallup had outdoor tables and called to see if I could eat with them at the outdoor tables. They said of course, but I could not go in the restaurant. Stephen had the Turkey, Kathy had the Potato, I had Kibbles.

Dickie's Puyallup has a stagecoach. It was pretty rickety so I didn't climb up on it, besides I was more interested in the flowers around it. Dickie's sound system was playing Willie Nelson's Stagecoach, maybe it was puppy reasoning, but I thought it was apropos.

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