Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Rest in Peace Baxter

Why are you so sad, Stephen?

I am remembering losing Yogi I.

Wasn't that something like 140 dog years ago?

Yes, Yogi II, it was. He was slipping away, but he wasn't in pain. Then one day, about lunch time, he made his way to visit with our neighbor, Papa Don, he was going really slow, but he made it back to the front hall and laid down on the carpet and died in Kathy's arms. I remember telling my friend, Mike Poor and he cried. That is how I feel now.

What made you think about it now, Stephen?

Your trainer at Sumner Parks and Rec, Jim, lost his packmate, Baxter. You got to meet him at his last class. I thought about that song about losing a packmate. I listened to it and thought about the words. The good news is the world is a better place because of all the dogs that Baxter helped train. He leaves quite a legacy.

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