Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Field trip to Buckley

After work we went to pick up tomato plants from Take Root farm in Buckley. I could smell a horse and other rich smells. They would not let me out of the truck, but Stephen opened the truck door so all the wonderful smells could come in.

Then the pack thought it might be fun to drive into Buckley and walk around Main Street. The economy in Buckley is suffering. You can tell by the empty buildings that have almost no smell and the lack of gum chewtoys on the sidewalk.

We parked the mobile crate behind The Queen's Ransom. Kathy went in and Stephen and I came out. She found two garden tripods for her tomatoes. She got me something too, she thinks I didn't see it but puppies and crocodiles are very good at seeing even though our eyes are barely open. Then Katie Petrovich came out with her puppies.

One peed on the sidewalk right after he came out of her store before I got to meet him. I guess when ya gotta go, ya gotta go. Then we took a walk and saw the old gas station. The sign to right of the door says Hippies use side entrance. What is a Hippy?
Next stop was a snack at Wally's White River Drive In Restaurant. They bring the food to the mobile crate. Stephen had their house made clam chowder. Kathy had a chocolate malt, I had kibbles. 

While the pack was digesting our food we visited the outside exhibits at the Foothills Historical Museum. This is a huge sled, not sure what they did with it, but try and stop them.

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