Saturday, May 9, 2015

Petco Puppy II First Class, AKC Star Puppy

I started Petco Puppy II with my friends Halle and Lucy. We are learning Stay. I am not so sure Stay is really fun. Halle, Lucy and I are becoming a pack of our own having spent seven Saturdays together. I really enjoy puppy play time at the end of class, now that is fun! Stay, puppy play time, hmmmm, which one is more fun, think, think, think.

 Woooo Hoooo! I got my AKC Star Puppy certification today. How cool is that? What's a Star Puppy?

Whoops, I just farted and Stephen is looking down at me, with only mild amusement. I may not have a full command of human languages, but I can read people pretty well.

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