Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The shower and the rainy morning

Last weekend Stephen and Kathy bought a shower rod that attaches to the hose in our back lanai where we have both hot and cold water, (that is one of the best lair building decisions we ever made). It was a sunny day so I got my  first outdoor shower. I love the puppy shampoo, it tastes really good. Then I got to lay in the sunshine, after I was nice and dry, I rolled over in the dirt, feels weird to be too clean, you know?

When I first arrived at my forever home, I had a few crate mishaps. Kathy would take me in the indoor shower and clean me up. I don't have crate mishaps anymore, after all I am a four month old. Some dogs do not like showers, but I do, especially when Stephen plays shower music.

Today was confusing. It started out as a normal day. The iBark alarm went off at 5:55, we were outside for my morning constitutional by 6. Then quiet time and we all had breakfast, Stephen and Kathy had something with eggs and I had kibbles. After that Stephen and I had our morning training session, we did all the commands and then I taught him Touch. Kathy slipped away and got her shower and then she left in the growling car.

Stephen said, "Yogi, I have got to get a shower and I do not want to put you in your upstairs crate, and I can't give you the run of the house or you will destroy everything. So come with me into the bathroom." Then Stephen told me to Down Stay. Right, you are busy in the shower dude and you don't have any kibbles your treat back is in the sink.

But what is up with this? Everyone knows you have to be consistent with Rottweilers, don't you want me in the shower with you like old times? Stephen, tsk, tsk, tsk, with apologies to Stewart Francis, my packmate is schizophrenic, but he’s good people.

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