Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The day begins and ends with quiet time

I have a schedule. At 0555 Kathy's phone starts buzzing, they call it an alarm. We get up and I go outside and go potty. Then we have quiet time. Kathy and Stephen often read books wrapped in nylon chewtoys, or catch up on their PeeMail on their iBones. At 0900 I get breakfast, which some people say is the most important meal of the day. That is wrong! Every meal is important, in fact, every kibble is important. In fact, every crumb of every kibble is important.

Then we have our day. It seems like every day is different. Last night, I started my new class, Petco AKC Canine Good Citizen. They are asking the most outrageous things of me. The whole pack is dubious that I am going to pass.

But every night we end up on the back lanai. Stephen and Kathy sit on the love seat. I Go To My Mat. I have my own chair with my Mat. Stephen and Kathy say I will need it, that soon I will not fit on people chairs, and my AKC brand blue ducky. I think I need a bigger Mat too. We watch the planes on their final approach to SEATAC. We watch the bats eat bugs. We watch the ducks cruise slowly on the lake. Sometimes we even get to see eagles. At 2200, Stephen eats some people treats called tryptophan. The light fades and we go to sleep.

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