Saturday, May 7, 2016

Party Animal and First Saturday Kapaa

Thursday, Stephen and Kathy dropped me off for a day at Bark Bark Backyard. Got to meet a few new dogs and people. And, did my first treadmill.

Then we made a quick stop at the Kauai Veterinary Clinic.

Yesterday, no Wailua Homesteads Dog Park? What is up with that? And I can tell something was going on. Stephen and Kathy are moving furniture around, hanging lights, Stephen has his big speaker out on the mid-deck. He just walked in with two huge bags of ice; I love ice, hope he drops some. The canine analyst in my brain is screaming this pattern matches for a party. I got excited, a little too excited. Whoops next thing I know I am in my crate, but it really wasn't that bad, I needed a nap.

About nine, Stephen came to get me. Some of the people had already left, I could smell hints of them, but they're not here. But Millie and George, Cynthia, Kina and Bonnie were there. I greeted them, but my real interest was the bits of food that had been dropped. Judging from the food drop pattern, I would say there were three little girls here earlier.

Today, we all got up early. They took me to the Dog Park before noon. We came back and Walked Close as a pack. Then I took a nap.

After evening kibbles, Stephen brought my lead, we were planning to go to First Night in Kapaa. However, when we got to Kina and Bonnie's house there was a pit bull off lead. Stephen and I crossed the street, but when the pit saw us he came over. Stephen let me go slack on the lead and we smelled each other. He was friendly, no growling. After a while Stephen felt it was time to Walk Close again, but the pit kept coming over. So we stopped for another sniff. The pit came along when we started walking. With the pit all around me it was hard to concentrate on Walk Close and I started to spin up. Then three tourists came by and the lady wanted to meet me, but Stephen and I thought that might not be a good idea. The pit finally moved on and then in the distance we heard a boy with a really high pitched voice screaming Boson, Boson, (could the pit be a mariner?). Stephen asked the boy if he was looking for a dog with a brown and white face and the boy said yes. Stephen pointed out the pit's location. Then the pit ran up to two dogs by their truck and they barked and growled. Then the pit took up with the small brown dog that runs Lihi park. Finally a local guy corralled the pit and gave him to the boy.

I asked Stephen if it would OK to got to First Night some other time. We headed home. I worked on Self Calm and I think I did pretty well, but I was still spun, however, Stephen didn't need to pop my training collar and that is a plus.

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