Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Sunday we went to the dog park right after Stephen and Kathy got back from church. Then when we got home, they left again with several bags. They came back just before sunset smelling like salt water. Wonder what they were doing. Then Stephen and I Walked Close. I did it right and got a whole lamb chew treat.

Monday, we went to the dog park and I was alone most of the time. Then Pongo and Makenna, (us dogs call her Mouthy Girl), showed up. They were really antsy, so we didn't play this time. The Wailua Homesteads Small Dog Park was empty so they went there. We did some fence running. After I rested, Stephen took me to Walk Close. I ran into some challenges, on Moanakai a dog ran out of his house. We considered playing, but he seemed to just want to mark his bushes. I managed to calm back down. A little while later we ran into John N. When Stephen asked me to Sit to Greet, I lost it. I bounced around and tried to bite my lead. Then snap. Stephen popped my lead and that causes my training collar to pinch me. I found a dried toad to put in my mouth, putting things in my mouth helps me calm down.

Today we went to the dog park and I was the only dog. Stephen threw me the ball, but my heart wasn't really into it, I like an audience. Stephen sat on a bench and read a catalog and I walked around sniffing and marking the fence. Then Luke came, he is four and a half, and pretty big. He didn't really want to play so I let him watch me play some Ball. I tell Stephen I am done by not bringing the Ball back. He put my lead on my collar and we went home. We just got back from Walk Close. I found a piece of coconut to put in my mouth and didn't pull on the leash once, it was a quiet peaceful walk.

I suppose it all sounds like a dull routine, but I am comfortable with it. There is one thing that is different. Instead of the truck, a new car was here for three days, I got to ride in the back and feel AC. Then the truck came back and that is nice too.

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