Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Angels in gas stations - Storm Large

Stephen and Kathy have a nasty habit, they run a robot vacuum cleaner they call Roomba constantly. It bumped my crate and that jarred my nerves.

Kathy picked me up and held me in my easy chair, (she thinks the chair is hers, but I shall prevail after I customize it a bit). Stephen put on some music, my favorite song of the set was Angels In Gas Stations by Storm Large. Stephen doesn't really appreciate Storm, but he has that song on his iPod chewtoy, he was thankful it seemed to calm me down. He has two other songs, one that is a duet called Happy days and Hallelujah. But I like Gas Stations the best.

The song is kind of confusing. What is an angel? What is a Gas Station? Why are Gas Stations in Angels?  I did find a poem on the Internet about entertaining angels, but I still do not understand. And who is God and how is He every damn where? I just turned 12 weeks old today, I should understand all this stuff. Well gotta go. I told Kathy I need to go potty, but I really want another shot at chewing the house down.

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