Thursday, April 9, 2015

The sun is out, can we go outside - Celtic Woman - I have my own chair

Kathy escaped from the office to take a shower. Stephen is engrossed with his Macpro chewtoy. He said he was doing something with LeadIn. But he did say after he invited all of the high performing GIAC test takers, he would do some work outside. What is a GIAC?

He did put on some music for me, called Celtic Woman, maybe we can go to their concert, June 4, in Spokane and I can see my breeder at King Rottweilers. I can even help drive. I have my license. I keep it on my collar and it is shaped like a bone. What was I talking about? It took me more than three seconds to think about Spokane. Oh yes, Celtic Woman. Here is a sampler from YouTube, my favorite song was The Voice, by Eimear Quinn. However, I must say the harmony with Danny Boy was amazing. Stephen had the sound turned down since he had to concentrate, but I have really keen hearing. The best rhythm was Níl Sé'n Lá, that is an amazing drummer, they even let him have a solo, (I hate being solo), but Mo Ghile Mear has two drummers. I have to go, it is my lunch time.

OK, I am back! Wow, guess what, there are now three chairs for the back yard. Two are on the Lanai, the other is in my bathroom. I have my own chair!

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