Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Auburn Lakeland PetPros and Fetch Fail

Stephen and Kathy took me to PetPros today. One Tuesdays, senior citizens like Stephen get a discount. It was rainy and I was hoping for an indoor activity. The humans at PetPros were very nice to me and gave me not one but two treats, (or was it twenty, I still do not know how to count).

The first fieldtrip to Banker's Spit Stephen saw a retriever with a Chuckit chewtoy in his mouth. He was walking along the trail and looked supremely happy with the chewtoy. Retrievers are such simpletons. Any dog should know if you have a chewtoy in your mouth, you can't taste all the lovely things on the path like pinecones, rocks, and scented grass.

Stephen wants me to do something with the Chuckit. He throws it across the room. I dutifully walk over to it and bite it for a second. Now what do you want me to do? Then Kathy tried. Humans are slow to learn. I think they should just table this game till a trainer helps them.

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