Saturday, April 11, 2015

Puppygarten III & Puppy Play Time

Last night was not so good, it would have been six nights in a row without a crate mishap. Today was crazy weather wise. For most of the day, half the sky was blue, half was grey, (I know, dogs can see blue and yellow and all the other colors are a shade of grey). When I went out for my morning constitutional balls of ice fell down on me. They weren't that big and would have made nice ice chewtoys, but Kathy pulled me away, she didn't me eating off the floor of my bathroom.

Puppygarten was a little less scary than last week. It was the same class, Lucy and Halle and we all sat in the same seats as last time. They took us on a field trip, we got to go through the aisles at Petco and practice the Leaveit command. Then it was back to school. Today we learned the stand command. Nikki said that if I show that was the most important command of all.

Then Stephen and Kathy went to Red Robbin to eat. They left me in my crate which was actually OK this time, I was tired after Puppygarten, so I took a nap.

Now that I am 12 weeks old, I can go to Puppy Play Time at Petco. It starts at 3:00. At first there three of us, Donnie, a schnauzer who is very energetic, (I finally understand what a party animal is).

I also met Mora, a cocker spaniel, who was a cute little thing, (La Mora means the blackberry in Spanish).

A little later Axel showed up with his pack. He is a five month old German Shepard with a great disposition. I was scared of him at first, but when he and Donnie were Sniffing In Real Life, (SIRL), I started nipping at Axel's tail.

At first he just looked confused. But then he would chase me. He is too tall to run under the chairs, but I could. Eventually we would meet up on the floor. Of course we all know I am dominant, but in the spirit of playtime, I let him put his paw on me once or twice.

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